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INOU-International Education Awards - (INOU Prestigious Award)

    The International Non-Olympic University (INOU) is the First Mega University of the World and the INOU has launched "INOU International Education Awards" is an international, continental, national, state/province level awards for education. The award has created by the International Non-Olympic University-INOU (ClickHere) which is supported by International Noble Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF (ClickHere), International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC (ClickHere)and World Council for Regular and Distance Education-WCRDE (ClickHere), and the national & world’s most widely popular persons are eligible for these awards.. "INOU-International Education Awards" Categories are Click Here;

    The INOU International Education Awards would be awarded 10 categories of awards to the personalities that goes beyond and committed to outstanding new innovation, services, peace, management, accumulation of knowledge, leadership, and excellence in his/her field.

    The INOU International Education Awards main aim is to strengthen international education around the world and to promote educations rights.

    To know more about INOU International Education Awards, please go to main website : -  Click Here
    To know more about INPPRF & INOU International Education Awards, please go to INPPRF page :- Click Here

    Interested personalities can send (he/she) their CV to President – Awards Committee -INPPRF and INOU  on the following e-mail : [email protected]  .

    INOU-International Education Awardees

2014 - INOU International Education Awardees
PhotoName of Awardees & Country Year of Award and "Tittle Level" Position Held

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