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  • International Non-Olympic University aim is to offer high eminence educational opportunity to ease students to meet their individual educational goal.

  • INOU mission is to reach every door steps by offering generalized course work in a various disciplines. An extremely individualized, its poineering education environment integrates both conventional and original practices.

  • International Non-Olympic University programs are flexible, innovative course work collectively with administers study and research.

  • International Non-Olympic University does not show favoritism on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religious relationship or disability in any of its programs or actions.

World 1st Mega University

The International Non-Olympic University - INOU is acting as "World 1st Mega University" (A Mega University itself establishing an University in each country of the World, with the aim of One World !! One Education !!  This is the first concept in the history of the World Education). The International Non-Olympic University - INOU would set-up a National Non-Olympic University (Online & Physical Campus) in each country of the World under prevailing University Recognition Act of respective country.

The INOU is world’s most credential  educational platform and its own kind of first University to make its presence in every country by giving as 1 - National Non-Olympic University (RegularCampus)  2 - National Non-Olympic Online University (It’s Kind of First Chain of Universities in the World) to make the learning ever easiest for the Working Professionals, Sports Personnel, and Research Scholars etc. Example:  A- Russia Non-Olympic University (RegularCampus), B - Russia Non-Olympic Online University etc. The INOU has goal to set-up "National University - Online & Regular Campus"  over 242 countries of the world, the march is began.

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